Consuelo Mendez Middle School

Maverick Green STEM Academy Pathways

Academy Pathways

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Students can choose from four academy pathways. Students may also complete courses in multiple pathways, if their schedule allows.

Pathway 1: STEM Advanced Learner

Are you curious? Do you like to play with things to see how they work and create new things?

In this pathway, students combine rigorous coursework in the core classes with STEM electives. Students must meet application criteria to enroll in this pathway. The pathway leads to at least 3 high school credits upon completion of 8th grade.

STEM Advanced Learner allows for students to start Spanish in 6th grade and earn an additional 3 high school credits in World Languages over the three years of middle school. Students can complete the high school world language requirement for the distinguished graduation plan and are prepared for the STEM endorsement at high school.

Pathway 2: Environmental and Agricultural Science Pathway

Do you like the outdoors? Are you fascinated by the weather and the environment? Do you like taking care of animals and understanding how ecosystems are interconnected?

In this pathway students are engaged in outdoor learning opportunities, such as helping to build a chicken coop, running a Community Supported Agriculture business and farm stand with produce grown in the school gardens. Students learn through problem and project-based learning, work in groups to solve authentic problems in the Dove Springs community and leave a legacy with their 8th grade Capstone Project.

Pathway 3: Careers in Technology Pathway

There are two strands in this pathway: 

1. Careers in Technology Strand - Students focus on the careers available in the Technology Industry, such as web designer, video game designer, multi-media and animation specialists and use a variety of industry standard software to create their projects.

2. It's a Maverick Life Strand - Students study the Family and Consumer sciences learning a range of skills needed in a variety of careers and in life!

Pathway 4: Engineering and Design – Project Lead the Way

The Engineering Pathway excites and motivates students to use their imaginations, tinker and build using repurposed materials, and teaches them to be creative and innovative, while gaining the skills they need to develop, produce and use products and services that have the least negative environmental impact. Students complete a rigorous elective strand in the middle school Gateway to Technology program and incorporate engineering design-thinking principles to their class work in other courses.

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is a national pre-engineering curriculum that prepares students for STEM careers. Gateway to Technology is the middle school program from PLTW and is an 'activity oriented' course that shows students how technology is used in engineering to solve everyday problems.

In addition to PLTW curriculum, students use EcoRise Youth Innovations curriculum to learn engineering design thinking principles and engage in eco- audits of the school campus. With support from Eco Rise mentors, students learn to write grants and engage in problem solving using the data from the eco audits to inform a solution to problems they identified. The nine units are: Design and Modeling; Magic of Electrons; Automation and Robotics; Science of Technology; Energy and the Environment; Flight and Space; Green Architecture; Medical Detectives; and Computer Science.


Maverick Green STEM Academy students take the following courses, depending on the pathway selected.

Green Agriculture Careers I, II and III:

These courses are theefoundation of the Environmental and Agricultural Pathway. Students learn in an outdoor learning course that teaches how to garden in our drought vs. storm event climate in Central Texas and the importance of planting native species and pollinator gardens. Students raise chickens, run a farm stand and grow food for the school cafeteria. Students complete many service projects for the campus and community.

Multimedia I and II:

Students interested in using technology applications to deliver the student announcements, create videos and animations learn to analyze and assess current and emerging technologies, while designing and creating multimedia/animation projects.

Web Design I and II

Students gain knowledge and skills in the area of web design, appropriate use of hardware, software, and connectivity technologies. Students will develop websites while demonstrating proper netiquette, acceptable use policies when using networks, learn to make informed decisions and apply the decisions to the field of information technology.

Business Careers (yearlong)

Students are provided an opportunity to operate a small group or class-based business offering a service or product needed in their community. Students learn basic entrepreneurial concepts, fundamental business, economics, and private enterprise systems. Students analyze the sales process and financial management principles. Course objectives are accomplished by students working collaboratively in teams.

Technology Careers (one semester)

The course introduces real world applications in the areas of transportation, power and energy, construction, manufacturing, multimedia, desktop publishing, graphic design, video production and bio-related technology. Hands-on problem solving activities may include designing and making products, accessing technology, constructing models of buildings, using computers and using power tools and equipment and is a pre-prequisite for other advanced courses.

Exploring Careers (one semester)

This course is designed to guide students through the process of investigation and in the development of a college and career achievement plan. Students will use interest inventory software or other tools to explore areas of personal interest. Students will use this information to explore educational requirements for a variety of chosen career paths.

Courses to be added in 2017-18

  • Graphic Design Careers
  • Photography I & II
  • Intro to Photojournalism
  • Yearbook and Newspaper
  • Project Lead the Way - Flight and Space/Energy and the Environment