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About Consuelo Mendez STEM Academy

 Built on 22 acres of land, Consuelo Mendez Stem Academy has 172,000 sq. ft. of space, which was built in 1987. It is named after Herrera Consuelo Mendez, the first Hispanic teacher in AISD.

Consuelo Mendez STEM Academy has three buildings that house classrooms, labs and a 499-seat theatre. Additionally, Consuelo Mendez STEM Academy has four tennis courts, a football field with track and softball fields.

Consuelo Herrera Mendez, the school’s namesake, worked as a teacher for nearly 50 years and was a tireless advocate for Mexican-American rights. She was the first Latina teacher to be hired by AISD and was the first to translate the PTSA newsletter to Spanish.

Our school opened in 1987 and we are celebrating over thirty years of Maverick Pride!With a focus on both community service and career and technical education, the school carries on Mrs. Consuelo Mendez’s legacy by providing students with the foundation they need to enter the global workforce and become contributing members of the Dove Springs community.


Our Vision:

Equip every student with the knowledge, skills, and principles to succeed as a global citizen and contribute in a competitive and technologically advancing world.


Our Mission:

We believe in diversity and equality. In order to develop 21st century citizens, we collaborate and engage with our students. By creating a safe, creative, and accepting learning environment we work to prepare our students for tomorrow’s careers.


Mendez Belief Statements:

  • Students should be challenged with a creative and rigorous curriculum.

  • Students should have a variety of opportunities for success.

  • Learning is a life-long process.

  • Students need a safe and supportive environment.

  • Instruction should be relevant, varied and address the individual needs of students.

  •  Students deserve respect.

  • Students should develop personal and civic responsibility.

  • Education is a partnership between the school, students, parents and the community. 



Mendez Fun Facts!







Maverick Colors:

Columbia Blue, Silver & Black

 Mendez Colors: Columbia Blue, Silver, and Black




Consuelo Mendez STEM Academy Song:

Stand ye faithful Consuelo Mendez Stem Academy Mavericks

Silver, white and blue Come together, raise your voices

Mighty bold and true

We will hail thee ever loyal

We’ll march proudly through

Our beloved Consuelo Mendez Stem Academy Mavericks

Silver, white and blue.



Consuelo Mendez STEM Academy Fight Song:

Fight for the Mavericks Fight for all to see…

Fight for the Mavericks

We are cheering faithfully…

Glory and honor

Bring to you and me…

Fight for the Mavericks

And go on to victory…