Consuelo Mendez STEM Academy

Assistant Directors

Yolanda Rodriguez Pacheco, M. Ed.

Assistant Director Consuelo Mendez STEM Academy


Roxanne Walker, M. Ed.

Assistant Director Consuelo Mendez STEM Academy

My name is Roxanne Walker. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and grew up in Tampa, Florida. I have a Bachelor degree in the Visual Arts and Art History from the University of South Florida. I completed my second degree, a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, from Lamar University in 2014. In 2005, I began teaching in the social behavioral services (SBS) unit at a middle school in Florida. In 2011, I moved to Bradenton Beach where I had an opportunity to teach reading intervention at an alternative high school. In the summer of 2011, I moved to Austin, TX and was fortunate enough to land a job teaching 7th grade ELA at Mendez MS. I have been here ever since.

After my first year at Mendez, I started to recognize there were some barriers to our students having adequate access to education. There were several factors involved, but I knew I needed to put myself in a place where I could start making real change. I made an impact to the students in my classes, but our campus had almost 1000 students, and we were struggling. There was a vacant ELA instructional coach position on our campus, so I took a chance and applied. Unfortunately, I did not get the job, and one of the reasons was that I did not hold a master’s degree. That next day, I applied to Lamar University and fast-tracked my way to earning a masters with a 4.0.

Fortunately, my principal saw leadership potential in me, and the next year, I was able to apply for the position of Literacy Specialist for Mendez MS. Hard work paid off, and I was able to make decisions on a larger scale. After guiding curriculum, instruction, and implementing campus-wide initiatives for five years, I realized I was not satisfied with my level of impact. I had received my principal’s certification and decided it was time take the next step in making real change. I became an assistant director alongside two other amazing friends.

Throughout my ten years at Mendez MS, I have grown so much as an educator, but I know I have so much more to learn. I am lucky enough to work with two amazing assistant directors who help me laugh and learn every day. I am also so very grateful to work with a faculty and staff who truly value our community and want to see students succeed and thrive. I know I have not reached my full potential as a leader and will continue to strive to contribute to a positive campus community that fosters building strong relationships and kindness.

Juan Haney II, M.Ed.

Assistant Director Consuelo Mendez STEM Academy

 Photo of Assistant Director Juan Haney

My journey as an educator began 7 years ago as a long-term substitute here at Mendez Middle School. After my first semester as a sub, I transitioned into a TA position in SBS, and eventually took on the role of a 6th and 7th grade science teacher. From there, I transitioned into the role of campus administrator.

While serving as an administrator at Mendez, I’ve encountered so many incredible people who inspire me. These same individuals, along with my kids, have taught me so many lessons, such as the importance of consistency and patience. Education is a marathon (not a sprint) and the imprint that we leave on our students may take years to show itself.

I once read a quote that stated, “The one that plants the tree rarely gets to enjoy its shade”. Which is an accurate description of our role as educators. Nonetheless, when a student does come back to Mendez and tells you that you’ve had a positive impact on their life, it’s a euphoric feeling that simply can’t be duplicated. There are so many extraordinary people on this campus, who come and fight for our students daily. These same individuals allow me to stay motivated and give these kids the best version of myself. All of that being said, I’m extremely grateful to be a part of the Mendez Middle School family.