Consuelo Mendez STEM Academy



Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (T-STEM) Academies are open-enrollment secondary schools focusing on improving instruction and academic performance in science and mathematics-related subjects and increasing the number of students who study and enter STEM careers.

T-STEM programs:

  • Enroll historically underserved students, targeting at-risk and economically disadvantaged
  • Provide dual credit at no cost to students Improve STEM instruction and the academic performance of students
  • Engage students and expose them to innovation and problem-solving in real-world contexts
  • Offer rigorous instruction and accelerated courses
  • Provide academic and social support services to help students succeed Increase college readiness
  • Align to regional workforce needs, guiding students into high-demand, high-wage careers
  • Partner with Texas institutions of higher education (IHEs) to reduce barriers to college access

The T-STEM Blueprint provides foundational principles and standards for innovative partnerships with colleges, universities, and industry.

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Communities In Schools (CIS)

Communities In Schools builds relationships that empower students to stay in school and succeed in life. CIS implements a school-based staff partner with teachers to identify challenges students face in class or at home and coordinate with community partners to bring outside resources inside schools. From immediate needs like food or clothing to more complex ones like counseling or emotional support, CIS does whatever it takes to help students succeed.

Communities In Schools believes that transformative relationships are key to unlocking a student's potential. We will succeed by including in our strategies, ingraining in our culture, and reflecting in our behaviors, principles and practices of diversity, equity and inclusion. As a result, we break down immediate and systemic barriers to create and sustain equitable outcomes. 

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UTeach began at The University of Texas at Austin in 1997 as an innovative way to recruit undergraduate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) majors and prepare them to become teachers.

Faculty with expertise in STEM fields, in STEM teaching and learning, and in the history of science and mathematics worked alongside master teacher practitioners (UTeach clinical faculty) to design a program emphasizing deep understanding of STEM content, practices and pedagogy, and strong connections between theory and practice. The program combines rigorous STEM degrees with secondary teaching certification without adding time or cost to four-year degrees.

Out of this original program a number of local STEM education initiatives have grown, including a national expansion effort, all supporting the improvement of STEM education and the public education system overall.

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